Factory Tours

Toppan’s Factory Tour is one of Brand Communication for touching visitors by creating a real experience with 5 senses. It helps visitors to impress and memorize the brands and products, and making future fans. An expert’s insights are much more powerful and credible when shared in person. Visitors can see the manufacturing process, real production line, understand the main ingredient and can get directly communicate the company’s performance, strategy, and current challenges.

We aim to make people trust more on the brand and product, to improve and get value added by the products, many manufacturing companies offer factory tours in their factory.

Project References

Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.

T-TEC Lab. Tour, Thailand : 2021

We produced interactive space for the laboratory tour by projection mapping video and touching sensors to deeply learn the knowledge and technologies.

Kenmin Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Kenmin Rice Village, Thailand : 2020

KENMIN FOODS is producing Yaki-Befun and the client would like to present their high-quality products and well-managed manufacturing line to all visitors including general consumers and business guests to expand the international market.

TOPPAN produced the project to make all the visitors experience with KENMIN product by including actual tasting program of Yaki-Befun.

Myanmar Brewery Limited

Business Form, Myanmar : 2017 onwards

Myanmar Brewery is the largest beer company in Myanmar as a group base from Kirin Brewery in Japan.
With the professional support of Toppan for space communication, the client introduced the first factory tour in Myanmar, which is called “PRIDE TOUR” to present the quality, their passions, and prides. Myanmar Brewery had been seeking new communication ideas to differentiate itself and secure market share.