Smart Offices

Toppan delivers comprehensive interior design and IoT technology for the most diverse of the smart office. It enables to boost more productivity & work efficiency, comfortable working office, and better communication between workers.

Toppan operates Smart Office Solution by starting from the research of clients’ activities and finding issues from their work styles which redefining the optimal flow and zoning in the office and realize a smart office from the aspect of design and layout.

In addition, we realize the digitization in an office by making it full of ICT and provide smart offices that visualize the efficiency by utilizing the data obtained – Smart Office Solutions lets employees focus on what really matters.

Smart Office Solutions :

Meeting Room Booking System

Combining elegant meeting room screen and clever technology, Room Booking System is an intelligent solution to better manage meeting rooms and enhance your workplace. Comply with most IT-policies and seamless synchronization with Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar to ensure your meeting rooms always display the most up-to-date bookings and meeting information. It is also possible to make bookings and check the booking status directly on the screen. You can find many benefits from many of the features found in the software solutions.

Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control System elevates your office to the next level with all smart devices integrated to provide a strong smart office network. The all-around services offer a technical lifestyle more than convenience.

Access Control System

Access Control System was developed for secured operations and user-friendliness by using face recognition technology. All are designed to promote maximum efficiency of access control and security management

  • Visitor Management Solution
    Integrating VMS to access control system makes your employees feel safe. It is the key to improve their productivity and success. VMS helps you track who, when and how many visitors access your premise. Making check-in a smooth, paperless office and hassle-free process for both front desk staff and visitors. On the other hands, VMS helps provide a good impression to your visitors.
    Especially, according to the pandemic of COVID-19, VMS is able to help screen visitor with high body temperature that may be risk and record visitor access area and history to identify whom have been contacted with the patient.

HR Mobile Application

The purpose of the Time Attendance System is to reduce labor costs, in part by collecting accurate punches showing when people are working in actual. Allowing workers to punch in and out by their mobile device which the data is accurate. The software accurately records the timestamp whenever someone check-in or check-out which can be done in the system. Workers are also able to manage and request their leave, expense, and overtime working online with approval tiers.

Project References

Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.

Ajinomoto Head Office Renovation : 2019 onwards

Toppan provides master design to achieve the Head Office renovation project. The project has presented the core message from the company for all stakeholders such as employees, partners, and consumers to realize the new workplace of the next decade of Ajinomoto.

Myanmar Brewery Limited

Myanmar Brewery Head office, Yangon Myanmar : 2018

Toppan had an office relocation project from Myanmar Brewery, which is called “THE MBL PARK” project.

The concept is to gather all the people to one place such as a PARK and effective communication to realize the new workplace as a leading company in Myanmar.