Toppan's Future Workplace,
a space that matches the new working style



What is a Smart Office?スマートオフィスとは?

A working space that matches a new work style that introduces ABW x IoT

A new workplace that incorporates ABW (Activity Based Working), which enables flexible working styles.

A smart office with a new work style that aims for operational efficiency and high productivity, such as document sharing, paperless offices, and video conferences that can save time by introducing IoT.

The smart office makes it easier for employees to work and creates a convenient and comfortable office environment.

Working environment survey in 2021

Period: October 7-14, 2021 Target: 25 years old and above / Thai people working in companies with more than 100 employees Respondents: 310

What is important to you
in your work (multiple choice)

March 2020 to October 2021
What has changed in your office space?

Work Place provided by Toppanトッパンが提供するWorkplace

Improving work efficiency, productivity
improvement and cost reduction
It is the space where employees maximize performance

We will identify the ABW of each company through TOPPAN's own research, and utilize Toppan's information visualization know-how and transmission technology that have been developed so far to promote the introduction of DX, IoT, and IoA.

We will provide a new workplace that improves work efficiency and productivity, reduces management costs, BCP measures, and improves the work-life balance of employees.

Furthermore, we propose a one-stop workplace from planning to construction and operation that can demonstrate performance by combining digital technology and sensing technology.

We will survey for diversites of working and propose
ABW x IOT design&concept that suits each company!

Relax and Work

Concentrate and
easily meetings

A space that
incorporates fun

Smart Office Functionsスマートオフィスソリューション

Employee Solutions

This is a solution for employees to make their office space more comfortable.

Smart Glass & Film

Converting your glass-wall in your office to an adaptive glass with our smart film/glass solution. The technology that will upgrade your office design and experience to be more innovative. This glass-wall can be your projector screen when it is in solid condition (OFF). Moreover, it secures your space in transparent condition (ON). There are 2 types of this product which are SMART FILM to be attached on your existing glass and SMART GLASS for the built-in product.

Smart Locker

Not only keeping your office clean and orderly which makes a good working environment for your staffs but also providing a smart keyless solution to prevent the key lost problem. This means that your staffs do not have to worry about missing items while they are working or taking rest during the day. Furthermore, It can also be integrated with our booking system for smarter solution.

Hot Seat Booking System

Digitize your co working space booking process with our HOT SEAT BOOKING system which could enhance the operation flow and availability management. Another benefit is the data recorded in the platform We can use it for many purposes especially to identify the risk of COVID 19 from the booking history.

Meeting Room Booking System

Digitize your meeting room booking process with our MEETING ROOM BOOKING system which could enhance the operation flow and availability management.

The system allows the users to either make an online advance booking or walk in booking, so they don’t have to take to find an available meeting room.

Intelligent Control

Nowadays, we can't disregard technologies which make our life easilier. For your office atmosphere is the fisrt priority to take action, then any IoT appliances. Our INTELLIGENT CONTROL SYSTEM elevates your office to the next level with all smart devices integrated to provide a strong smart office network. The all-around services offer a technical lifestyle more than just convenience. So now, Integrate our solutions with your office today.

Audio & Visual System

TOPPAN THAILAND offers a better experience for both audio and visual in your meeting room or any other premises. We can provide high quality for both analog and digital system. We can design the solution based on your usage to be suitable for your actual operation.

You don’t need your in house sound engineer working in the control room every time you have a meeting as our solution is designed to be very simple to use and you can control your sound, microphone and media just right at the meeting room.

Management and Guest solution

This is a solution for administration and for visitors.

HR Mobile Application

The purpose of the Time Attendance System is to reduce labor costs, in part by collecting accurate punches showing when people are working in actual. Allowing workers to punch in and out by their mobile device which the data is accurate. The software accurately records the timestamp whenever someone check-in or check-out which can be done in the system. Workers are also able to manage and request their leave, expense, and overtime working online with approval tiers.

Visitor Management System

Integrating VMS to access control system makes your employees feel safe. VMS helps you track who, when and how many visitors access your premise. Making check-in a smooth, paperless office and hassle-free process for both front desk staff and visitors. Especially, according to the pandemic of COVID-19, VMS is able to help screen visitor with high body temperature that may be risk and record visitor access area and history to identify whom have been contacted with the patient.

Access control

It is a system used to control access to the area which can be specified as Who is allowed to enter the building, office, meeting room or some specific areas. With the main purpose of securing security from outsiders or preventing lost assets. It also helps to organize the entrance and exit systematically. The access control system can work with a variety of automatic devices, such as Face scan, Finger scan, Flip gate, or Magnetic door lock, etc., which records the building's entrance and exit information, systematically and can view historical data.

Now in preparation

A new solution is currently in preparation.

Project Reference

Headquarters Building Renovation Project 2019-2022

Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.

Toppan provided design and consulting services for Ajinomoto's headquarters renovation project in Thailand.

Headquarters Relocation and New Construction Project 2018

Myanmar Brewery Limited

Myanmar Brewery Company's head office relocation project called "THE MBL PARK".