Digital Archiving

Toppan creates digital archives of materials and artifacts belonging to businesses, museums, galleries, schools, and local governments. We offer comprehensive solutions through a wide range of services, from consulting on the use of historical materials to digitization, database construction, editing of records, and creation of interactive facilities.

Cooperation: Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Toppan’s digital archive technologies make up the framework of Toppan VR (virtual reality), a tool for digitalizing cultural properties and sharing them with the world. Toppan uses forefront technologies to precisely render the colors and forms of cultural properties and applies long-held printing technologies to manage colors and process high-definition images. These digital archive technologies are the core technologies behind Toppan VR.

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Project Reference

Japan Association of Thailand

Japanese Village, Thailand : 2017

Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. produces digital recreations of various pieces of cultural heritage and provides digital cultural heritage as a tourism resource that people can be proud of.

Virtual reality (VR) technology has been used to recreate the assumed former appearance of the Japanese Village in Ayutthaya, Thailand, and offer a new sightseeing experience that can be enjoyed at the location itself. A VR video presenting the historical links between Japan and Thailand forged through trade involving Red Seal merchant ships licensed by the shogunate will also be screened in a facility at the Japanese Village site.

About the content
The Japanese Village was created during the golden age of the Ayutthaya Kingdom in the seventeenth century by the Ayutthaya Kingdom and Japanese people as a hub for trade with Japan. This VR content uses high-definition computer graphics to recreate how the streets, port, and trading vessels of the village are assumed to have looked at the time.

VR video
Video has been produced based on research of valuable historical materials in Japan and Thailand. With a sense of immersion unique to VR, the video presents the former appearance of the Japanese Village, the historical links between Japan and Thailand forged through trade, and Yamada Nagamasa’s contribution to relations between the two countries.