IoT Technology: Keys to Make an Office a Smart Office

The world has experienced change on a monumental scale due to the devastating impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The change was sudden, affecting every aspect of our lives. Those who are able to adjust to these new conditions will likely survive the crisis.

This is especially applicable to the business world, faced with the necessity to completely rethink their operations, in line with the challenges presented by the pandemic, including the modification of office space under the new ‘smart’ concept. This is designed to facilitate a new format in work operations. Upgrading to a smart office ensures that businesses are prepared for the difficulties we face, now and in the future. IoT technology plays a key part in your conversion to a smart office.

Familiarise yourself with Smart Office – Offices for the New Age to Match Today’s ‘New Normal’ Lifestyle

Smart Office denotes a style of modern office design that focuses on applying IoT (Internet of Things) technology, to which data is connected via internet automatically. With this technology, you can easily access data in remote areas. The connection of office equipment with IoT facilitates the work of employees in many ways. It saves time traveling to the workplace; leads to more focus on work; allows employees to work independently with less pressure and promotes optimum productivity.

Advantages of Smart Offices Driven with IoT

1. Saves energy: IoT technology can be used to control energy usage by setting up times for use or automatically turn off the devices when no use is detected. Energy output is controlled by IoT to reduce business operating costs.

2. Work to full capacity: When IoT technology is applied to help manage and control the work environment, employees focus more on their work. This modern environment helps facilitate work operations, creating a highly-motivated organization where employees are able to work to full capacity and aspire to maintain effective output.

3. A more effective business operation: With IoT technology, it is much easier to manage and control office equipment creating a smooth and effective workflow, leading the company to maintain a high level of success against competitors.

4. High level security system: IoT technology brings innovation and modern functions to promote effective security for the office. This guarantees that all important documents and data are securely stored in the cloud system and offers complete protection against theft.

However, employing IoT for a smart office has certain limitations. To take advantage of IoT with its modern advances, a reliable, fast internet connection is required, run on high-quality devices and software. Such devices may be costly, but the return in efficiency outweighs the investment. Further examples of the additional benefits of a smart office follow below:

Security: CCTV that can be operated and controlled via mobile applications; smart-face scanners used to control the checking in/out of employees and self-registration; a check-in system for visitors via kiosk without the need of a staff member to be present; innovative data storage on the cloud system allowing easy access to data from any location and the protection and security of important data.

Energy control: The use of sensors to detect motion and to automatically control the switching on/off of appliances such as air conditioners, lights, roller blinds and meeting room equipment.

Communication: Smart meeting room technology, modern and effective.

Smart equipment and smart furniture: Tables and office equipment can be adjusted independently according to the preferences of each employee to facilitate their workflow with improved performance and productivity.

Key Points

  1. Smart office in the era of the ‘new normal’ employs IoT technology to help promote the smooth and continuous operation of businesses, the well-being of employees and improved performance and productivity.
  2. To take advantage of a smart office, experts are on hand to help design and control the workspace in accordance with the objectives of your organization. At Toppan, we provide this expertise, offering the best solutions for your office.
  3. To benefit your organization on the return to the office, to work at full capacity and outgrow your competitors, do not hesitate to contact Toppan. We provide expert consultation on the best way to employ smart office in your workplace to give your business and its employees a modern advantage and a sustainable future.