4 Trends in Office Design to suite the ‘New Normal’ Lifestyle in 2021

As the effects of Covid-19 continue to be felt around the world, businesses need to adapt in order to thrive. The workplace environment, as the heartbeat of working life, can, with careful renovation, motivate organizations to run an effective business, enabling personnel to return to work safely, with confidence. The trends in office design for 2021 focus on how to design offices to suit this ‘new normal’ lifestyle.

When the coronavirus of 2019 (COVID-19) swept into our lives, the world was caught unawares. The pandemic spread rapidly and gradually intensified, causing disruption to social and economic activities. Our way of life at home and in the office was now threatened, forced to adopt to a ‘new normal’ lifestyle, applicable around the world. Workplaces closed and those equipped with air conditioners and surfaces shared by the workforce meant a high risk of transmitting COVID-19. Therefore, many organizations must rethink their approach to office design.

The pandemic affected greatly Thailand’s trends in office design. A new approach was needed to address the issues brought up by COVID-19 in workplaces which now focus on the concept of the ‘new normal office’. This hopes to build confidence in the workforce, safe in the knowledge that they are not at risk from the spread of infection and enables them to share a safe and effective work environment.

To project a clearer image and understanding of these ideas before deciding to renovate your office, here are four design trends with applicable technologies to suit the new working format during COVID-19. Such trends help promote a safe working environment allowing workers to complete their tasks smoothly and remain confident that the office is a safe environment in which to work, without lessened efficacy.

Four Trends in Office Design to suit the ‘New Normal’ Lifestyle in Thailand in 2021

  1. Distance-based Design – Adjusts the layout of each working room to create more distance between workstations and uses partitions to minimize the risk of an epidemic. Choose from modern partitions in beautiful designs with Smart Film, in matte or transparent, that maintains effective communications between workers.
  2. Versatile Space Design – Arranges working space suitable for small group activities, such as semi-enclosure booths. These are designed for informal conferences or meetings and are easy to construct. Such spaces not only bring a modern look to your office, but allow independent working to help reduce the risk of transmission. In addition, take advantage of an online advance booking system to help order your space for a reduction in unnecessary contact.
  3. Application of Touchless Technologies – Uses facial scan technology as opposed to fingerprint scanners to replace the traditional employee sign-in. Checking-in with this new application further reduces contact between employees. Moreover, use of IoT (Internet of Things) technology offers automated control systems and sensor-equipped devices, promoting an effective solution for your employees returning to the ‘new normal’ working style.
  4. Ventilated Space Design – Air ventilation is an important consideration when designing a new office space. The choice of appropriate air conditioning promoting good airflow within the office should work in with the design of the new working space. A healthy airflow with appropriate air quality can help reduce the risk of transmission.

These suggestions help you visualize the concept of office design suitable for the ‘new normal’ lifestyle. A safe workplace brings confident employees willing to adjust to the ‘new normal’, motivating growth and ultimately bringing wealth to their organizations.

Key Takeaway

  • Four trends in office design to suit the ‘new normal’ lifestyle. Enables organizations to quickly and effectively refurbish their office space in response to the pandemic.
  • Organizations who renovate their offices appropriate to dealing with the pandemic, can enjoy improved growth even while COVID-19 persists, allowing business to prosper with minimum disruption.
  • Designing offices to effectively cope with the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging. To renovate your office to suit the ‘new normal’ lifestyle, start with an expert consultant to advise and help realise your design. This can eliminate mistakes that may occur, helping your office meet all of your needs in terms of its functionality and safety under the ‘new normal’ lifestyle.